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MAQSAT 3 for Ariane 503 already in space center in South America

After only:

11 weeks of development and manufacture

2 weeks of tests

1 week of qualification review and packing

3 days of transport per chartered cargo-plane and truck

did MAQSAT 3 reach the "European Spaceport" in Kourou, French Guiana, on Monday, August 31, 1998 in perfect state and more than on time.

Kayser-Threde was awarded a contract by Arianespace in the end of May for the development, manufacture and test. The last tests demonstrated that the Munich-based space company was able to meet all the requirements for this dummy-satellite within this tight schedule.

Preparations for the satellite?s integration onto the new European launcher ARIANE 5 will be started already next week. A smooth launch is expected for mid-October. It is intended to demonstrate to the world that this launcher is a reliable means for bringing telecommunications satellites into GTO (Geo Transfer Orbit).

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