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GALILEO IOV Phase: Kayser-Threde commences Work on Harness Integration

Kayser-Threde has proven in various satellite projects its capabilities as a specialist in the field of Harness Design, Manufacturing and Harness Integration.

Kayser-Threde also came out on top in the competition for the GALILEO IOV project and was selected for the tasks of design, manufacture and integration of the harness for the four satellites of the In-Orbit Validation Phase (IOV Phase).

The first thred payload flight panels of the first IOV-Satellite were delivered to Kayser-Threde from the structures supplier Thales Alenia in Turin, Italy. Further payload and platform panels will be expected in the course of this month.

The term harness applies to the electrical wiring for power and signal distribution between various devices including the satellite battery. Each satellite was fitted by Kayser-Threde with 542 connectors and almost 4 km of wiring, thus creating over 7.500 electrical connections.

The specialists at Kayser-Threde have already proven their skills during work on the Engineering Model.

Within the GALILEO project, Kayser-Threde is also responsible for the Precise Timing Facility. This provides the GALILEO Systems Time which is considered to be something similar to the pulse of the entire Navigation System.

About Kayser-Threde. Founded in 1967, Kayser-Threde is a leading systems house providing high-technology solutions for the industrial, aerospace and scientific sectors. These include applications and solutions in manned and unmanned space missions, optics, crash-test data acquisition and process control. Kayser-Threde is well respected for working closely together with its customers from a project’s start through to completion, including all aspects from studies, analyses, systems design, special developments, production, testing, implementation, operation and support.
Born out of the rigorous requirements demanded in the aerospace business, Kayser-Threde has developed outstanding quality standards reflected in the reliability of its systems, solutions and processes. Kayser-Threde is part of the OHB-Technology group. Further information on Kayser-Threde and its offerings is available at http://www.kayser-threde.com

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