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 > Scientific Payloads.
Instruments for Life & Physical Science in Space / Electronics.

> Scientific Payloads

Research under space conditions (this includes microgravity, radiation, vacuum etc.) is an important factor in enhancing the knowledge on earth of various areas of science, such as material science (material, fluid physics), plasma physics, biology (genetics), medicine (human physiology).

Since its founding, Kayser-Threde has been working closely together with both scientists and researchers at the national and international level in designing, developing, and manufacturing of scientific instruments for research under space conditions. Throughout the decades of close co-operation, Kayser-Threde has proven itself as a competent and trusted partner. These research projects are carried out on different platforms such as sounding rockets (Texus/Maxus), reentry capsules (Express, Foton, Mirka), Spacelab, space stations (MIR, ISS), and unmanned platforms (Eureca, SPAS).

Kayser-Threde supports the complete life cycle of a scientific instrument, from feasibility studies, hardware and software design to mission support, and evaluation of experiment data. o

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